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Let me tell you the other story of Eve.  Eve did a brave and beautiful thing.  She reached her arm past the injunctions of the Father God, she picked the apple from the tree, and bit into its ripe and ready flesh.  She knew that it was good, and she passed the apple on to Adam, that he might taste the goodness of it also.  In that moment, Adam and Eve awoke from the primordial dream, and their eyes were opened.  They saw the beauty of their form in the splendour of their own light.

Now  Eve was wise from the very beginning.  She had a great friend in the garden, the most subtle of all the creatures.  This was the snake, who kept close to the ground and knew the ways of the inner worlds that ran deep into the earth and ensured the plants and the trees grew according to their season.  The snake was brimming with life from his many wanderings, and his wisdom was in the words that he whispered to Eve when he advised her to eat the apple.  Eve was wise becaue she was able to listen deeply.  Eve listened, and beneath the clamour of the Father voice which told her to do its bidding without questioning she cold hear the softer whisperings of a truer life.  Eve chose this way of life, according to her own conscience, and she took the fruit.

In that one moment, Eve blessed all generations to come with the gift of being able to take part in the creation of their own world.  When the snake slipped his word into Eve's ear he fertilized her sleeping soul.  She could see then with an inner seeing, and it was in the light of that intelligence that she chose her way.

Now Eve is the living soul of a human being, and as such, as has had many names.  The ancient peoples of Greece called her Psyche.  Psyche, too, saw with an inner eye, as we know from her adventure with Eros.  When the god, Eros, fell in love with Psyche, he lead her into the Valley of Paradise.  Every night he visited her, and asked for just one promise in return, to ensure they would continue to live in eternal happiness.  Eros sais she was not to look at him or inquire into any of his ways.  She could have anything she wished, except the knowledge of who he was.  Psyche agreed not to ask questions.  She liked the Paradise he had taken her to, where all her needs were met.  But then Psyche was moved to her inner doubts to shine a lamp on Eros, and she saw that he was a beautiful god.  She immediately fell in love with him; but Eros, revealed for who he was, fled from Paradise.  Psyche followed him, and fell to earth.

She was no longer the same, as she had been before: the touch of love had awoken her soul.

She knew Eros know, and was awakened to the erotic life.  Psyche, the human, could see with a godlike eye life's wonders and possibilities.  She could feel a delight and a love that at times were almost too much for her mortal frame to bear.  Life flowed in is fullness through her heart and her senses.  No longer in a world apart (in Paradise), her love brought her close to life.  She could feel and value the press of the earth beneath her feet, the beauty of two people making love, the life in a wayside stone or shrub.  Psyche's knowing, like Eve's, proceeded not from thought, but from a larger intelligence which knows where it is going, in the same way a river dos.  The erotic is a show of soul, whose light can see and value the heart of life.

Eve 'knew' to take the apple.  She had the greatness of heart to reach out her hand in the face of all reason.  Eve had courage because she knew that in eating the fruit of a conscious life she would be living the pain as well as the joy.

From Soul and Sensuality by Roger Housden

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