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Contemporary tantra

At Tantric Blossoming, we create the space and opportunity for tantric experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships - and supporting you to open to greater intimacy, to enhance your inner knowing and to bring the spiritual element into sex.

About contemporary tantra

Creating deeper feelings and sensations in your body not only feels good, it changes the way you relate with yourself and your beloveds and begins to remedy the sexual imbalance that permeates our society.

We teach you to use your sexual energy (life force energy) consciously, through practical everyday exercises that can be continued at home - alone or with a partner - so that you will feel more free and alive in your body, your mind will become quieter and you will experience a greater sense of peace, health and wellbeing in your life.

KEY AREAS - to connect you with a deeper level of your sexual energy

BREATHING – the more you breathe, the more you feel. Real sex and sensation happens in the body when you are relaxed. Most people have learnt to suppress their feelings and so breathe in a shallow way, to keep the attention in the mind. Breathing in a way that is deep and relaxed allows the body to open to new level of awareness.

AWARENESS – there is only this moment now, not the future, not the past – to feel something, you need to be here now. In order to connect, you need to be present and available with yourself and your lover. The mind can be a source of distraction if you give your energy to it.

BODYWORK – learning to relax and let go of the tension which prohibits you from living in orgasmic bliss. We use bodywork techniques to bring sensitivity, receptivity, depth and feeling back to your body.

COMMUNICATION – being able to express your feelings, desires and longings while still being personally responsible for your inner experience. Being conscious and aware in your relating with beloveds is the greatest personal development tool you will ever have.

MASCULINE /FEMININE POLARITY – re-magnetise and realign your natural polarity to create a stronger flow of energy with the opposite sex. In a world where most people are living in their heads, bringing a woman back to know her heart as her positive polarity and a man to know his penis as his positive polarity is incredibly powerful and transformational. Where does the sexual imbalance come from?

We live in a world where sexual energy has been distorted, which creates manipulation, repression and a world of people who are unaware sexually and struggling spiritually. In the words of Tantric Master, Nityama, “Many people were coming to me wanting to develop their spirituality but what I discovered is they were generally shut down, repressed, and totally out of touch with their sexuality. From my perspective, sex is the caterpillar and spirit is the butterfly and there is absolutely no possibility of having a beautiful butterfly without having a healthy caterpillar.”

Very few people are comfortable and natural in being able to feel sex in their body. This means that mostly sex is happening in the mind, with some sensation in the genitals, limited feeling in the rest of the body and minimal connection between the two people making love.

Most people are looking for a real experience of sex and feeling in the body and don’t know how to create it, due to the limited availability of real sexual education in this society. As a result many people struggle in their relationships as they fumble sexually, creating disillusionment that leaks from the bedroom into the rest of their life, many give up on sex and shut down even further due to feeling dissatisfied or they resort to fantasy and porn to create the sensation which is missing from their inner experience.

The use of fantasy and porn is counterproductive as it takes a person further away from their body and means they are not fully with their lover, and over time they will require stronger images in order to feel anything.

The disconnection from the body and life force energy begins at an early age, due to the conditioning that is handed down through the generations. Young girls and boys are given warnings and messages about sex, relating, their own bodies and self expression such as “don’t touch yourself”, “stay away from girls / boys” “be a good boy / girl” “don’t be so noisy” and so on. This leads to the child becoming uneasy about the sexual feelings they experience in their body and to therefore, retreat from feeling.

The child begins to shut down their life force energy; the child will 'play small', leave the body and hide in the mind. He or she either looks to do the right thing for approval or rebels against the parents, in order to seek attention, all the while living from the voices of the parents and society which have by now become ingrained in the body and being.

All of these behaviours and messages cause an individual to be less alive and less vibrant and create the shutting down of sexual energy. How to reawaken the sexual energy?

Through Tantric practices you learn how to be still and present in the body and see what needs to be cleared out from the past, so that instead of life being governed by the internalised parental and societal messages, you can be free to make your own choices in each moment, based on the natural flow of energy in your body.

When the sexual energy (or life force) in the body begins to flow naturally, you are more easily able to discern what is real, what is yours, what belongs in the past, what serves you and what you need to release. You learn to slow down and break the habitual patterns of the body, mind and ego so that spirit and energy can move you towards a deeper expression of your true self.

Realignment of masculine / feminine energy

As men and women reconnect with their true selves, the masculine and feminine energy realigns in the body through the polarities. When realigned, women feel more receptive and magnetic in their being, creating space for surrender and opening to men in a more natural way and men experience an increase in their masculine potency and come to trust their ability to initiate energy and bring clarity to a woman.

Masculine / feminine energyConventional sexual practices overlook the importance of the polarity between men and women. This creates a situation where many women have tension in their vagina, unable to fully receive a man’s energy from his penis and the man is often disconnected or overwhelmed by the energy in his penis unable to fully utilise the energy there to open a woman. Also the importance of the heart in completing the cycle of sexual energy is largely overlooked.

A woman’s positive pole is her heart and her negative pole is the vagina, for a man his positive pole is his penis and his negative pole is his heart. When a man and woman connect energetically, the man initiates the woman with the energy from his positive pole, the penis and this energy is received by her negative, or receptive pole, the vagina. This energy flows through the woman’s body towards her heart, which is her positive polarity, so that when a woman is connected to her heart and breasts, she is then able to penetrate the man’s heart, his negative polarity, with her heart energy.

Engaging in sexual activity where you connect energetically through the natural polarities leaves you and your lover feeling nourished, nurtured and fulfilled which creates a sense of peace, joy and gratitude that permeates the daily routine of your life. Our support for your opening…

Thank you for visiting Tantric Blossoming and allowing us to be part of your tantric experience, you will find articles and interviews to extend your awareness on the resources page.

The benefits from our workshops and sessions are direct and immediate if you give yourself permission to breathe, feel and be real with yourself like never before. These experiences can support you to go directly inside and face the places where you may have lived in denial, repression, manipulation or avoidance of your own natural source of energy (also known as sexual energy or kundalini).

With courage and an inner willingness you will experience yourself opening to the most exquisite, joyous and peaceful expression of your inner self.

Go to: http://www.tantricblossoming.com/

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