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These Sacred Sexuality Teachings have their origin in the shamanic cultures of Turtle Island — North, South and Central America, Australia and New Zealand. A transformative series of shamanic teachings, guided exercises and ceremonial experiences. Imagine that sex is natural, sacred and beautiful. The teachings provide a framework for understanding the context of life affirming patterns to open to our natural ability to experience deeper joy in relationships and intimacy. Experience how the gift of your sexuality is your most powerful resource for full self expression, health, hope, happiness, harmony and humour.

What are the Quodoshka Sacred Sexuality workshops about?

The word “sacred” is used here to say that our sexual energy is precious, a treasure to be held dear. Sexual energy is the generative, creative force of the universe. Considering it sacred means to simply live, without restraining or suppressing natural tendencies. It means being authentic, living fully to your own senses, while honouring other people’s views. Sacred sexuality also means practising spiritual sexual methods for the restoration of youthfulness, optimum health, happiness and an expression of an overall affirmation of life.

Many of us who are exploring the nuances of sexual energy have yet to fully comprehend the intrinsic connection between sexuality and spirituality. For many, spiritual states have been sought separately, without the distractions of sex or the emotional ups and downs of relationships. What we are suggesting here is that exploring sexual energies between men and women can become a sacred and spiritual practice.

Each of the courses will present various ways to develop emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually. Cultivating yourself fully infuses all your relationships with vitality and love, and is perhaps the most powerful key to unlocking the revitalisation of youthfulness and health as sacred human beings.

As we begin to experience sexual energy as the original, primal raw power that is the undercurrent of both our physical and psychological well being, our sexual interactions begin to change. Sex not only becomes more enjoyable in a certain way, its purpose, to allow each human to develop and experience their true essence, can naturally evolve into a spiritual awareness of the beauty of life. Because room is given for both partners to achieve the highest states of bliss they can, sacred sexuality naturally tends to generate greater tolerance, compassion, and freedom in individuals who practice.

Many ancient cultures over hundreds of years have secretly cultivated beneficial sexual practices for men and women. These practices have almost always been shared personally with great care to those who are willing to devote time and energy into understanding how to use their sexual energies in a healing manner. For those who are interested in the intrinsic play between spirituality and sexuality, between masculine and feminine energies, between Yin and Yang, between the Sun and Earth there will be much to learn, explore and experience in these beautiful teachings.

Whether you are in a relationship, or are seeking one, having a good flow of your sexual energy will keep you young, happy, healthy and alive. Unquestionably, our sexual energy influences every facet of our lives. When we feel sick, ill at ease or highly stressed usually our sexual feelings are the first thing to go. Too often, we let all sorts of reasons; as well as poor habits diminish our sexual energy. We gradually lose our sexual prowess and weaken our ability to use the healing powers of sexual energy.

For both men and women good strong orgasms saturate the body with proper levels of hormones, help circulate the blood, move nutrients to every organ, release tensions, and flood us with overall feelings of hope and joy. Sexual energy is very powerful. If neglected, denied or repressed it can cause both physical and emotional dysfunctions. If sex is forced, or expressed without sensitivity and respect it can also cause great damage. Each of us is born through sex. And each of us can learn to harmonise and balance our sexual essence. When shared with care, understanding and love, sexual energy can not only bring deep bliss and joy, ultimately; it can become the means to experiencing the highest states of spiritual transcendence.

We consider the study of sexuality a sacred pursuit and hope that you will share these teachings in beauty.

These teachings are based on sacred shamanic traditions which integrate spirituality and sexuality as an integral part of life.

Some of these teachings originate from ancient Mayan and Toltec schools of learning, preserved through thousands of years of oral tradition that had been forced underground after the Spanish Conquest by Cortes, Pizzaro and others, and the invasion of Europeans onto the North American Continent.

The beauty and power of the teachings offers guided exercises, rituals and ceremonies that empower relationship with self and allow you to feel a deeper connection with your own body.

While participating in a 3 day Sacred Sexuality Program you will explore the world of touching with sensitivity and sensuality; expand your ability to communicate and create healthy boundaries with your love. Reach higher levels of orgastic intensity and sexual ecstasy; learn breathing techniques including the Firebreath, to open to your natural life force rhythms. Balance your feminine and masculine within; gain knowledge of genital anatomy types.

We invite you to join us, to be receptive to new ways of looking at yourself: To heal shame, fear and repression. To discover your natural, spiritual, sexual, healthy self. To live in a balanced, sensuous way. Learn about the Lovers Masks, different identities within relationships. To gain spiritual sexual knowledge and embrace self, life and others with Beauty. Offers you teachings, guided exercises and ceremonies that:

EMPOWER your relationship with yourself and deepen a spiritual connection with your body.

EXPLORE the world of touching with sensitivity and sensuality.

EXPAND your ability to communicate and create healthy boundaries with your lover.

REACH higher levels of orgastic intensity and sexual ecstasy.

LEARN breathing techniques, including the FireBreath, to open to your natural life force rhythms.

BALANCE your feminine and masculine within.

GAIN knowledge of genital anatomy types.

What can the workshops do for me?

These Sacred Sexuality Teachings will help you to:

  • Open the channels of your heart. You'll learn how to communicate more honestly. Enjoy a more intimate relationship with yourself and others.
  • Heal past wounds of fear, shame and guilt around your sexuality. You'll transcend beliefs that have limited your passion for life.
  • Discover the art of sensual touching, and expand your capacity to give and receive intimate, sexual pleasure.
  • Master the Warrior's "Firebreath". Enhance your orgasmic energy.
  • Learn about different types and levels of orgasms.
  • Expand your body's capacity to hold more intensely satisfying orgasms.
  • Meet great people and have lots of fun!

We are born to experience pleasure, to know ourselves as sensual, sexual human beings. However many of us have been taught to suppress our pleasure, particularly the joy we feel in expressing our sexuality. In so doing, we hide our sexuality from our loved ones and rob ourselves of our creative life-force. Ancient wisdom reminds us that sexual pleasure is both a natural and essential part of human experience. The ancient cultures of North, South and Central America understood the value of conscious sexual expression. They knew that rather than being at odds with our spiritual nature, our sexual nature plays a vital role in our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. To be whole means to be both spiritual and sexual. Sacred sexuality is the secret to living longer and restoring youthful vigour.

Go to: http://www.ozsacredsexuality.com/ in Australia Go to: http://www.dtmms.org/ in United States & Europe


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