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Amara Charles considers herself a seeker, like many people of her generation. In the 1980's Amara Charles search led her to California where she attended a workshop called Quodoushka based in the Toltec and Native American tradition that teaches about the sacredness of sex. That was the beginning—it was where Amara Charles' life shifted radically onto a spiritual path that offered new insights about empowering herself as a woman.

Through years of unraveling and observing Amara Charles' life began to discover how her own body carries the secrets to the mysterious feminine and masculine energies of life.

Amara Charles' devotion to her spiritual calling continues. There are many paths one can take to evolve spiritually and Amara realized that using sexual energy with understanding and discipline can open one's heart into a more compassionate way of living.

Jade Moon reflects Amara's passion for the teachings of female Taoists who have inspired methods for achieving health, tranquility, and longevity by their example. Jade Moon is the feminine alchemy that focuses on theories and practices of internal restoration and spiritual refinement for women.

Some of the teachings and practices Amara Charles has learned may be of use to those seeking a more spiritual, life-giving approach to sexuality. If Amara can help a few souls that pass her way, that would be great. It's the soul I want to speak to.

Amara Charles' Bio

Amara Charles is an inspirational, loving and gracefully feminine mystical teacher. Trained in the Taoist White Tigress tradition of feminine spiritual practices--Amara Charles is also apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of Turtle Island and is a Quodoushka spiritual sexuality instructor.

Amara Charles is also the founder of Jade Moon Sacred Sexuality Training Programs and has led workshops internationally since 1989. Amara offers spiritual guidance for men and women to reconnect with their passion, restore the quality of their sexual energy, and deepen their appreciation of life. Amara Charles is an author and poet, currently makes her home in Phoenix, Arizona.


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An sample of Amara Charles's wisdom while being interviewed by Ann Sanders. Blog Feed

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