What makes someone qualified to be a Sexual Healer

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Annie Sprinkle's response was:

Good question! Everyone is qualified to be a sexual healer. First to themselves, then to others. If you have some kind of sex and feel healed afterwords, then you are healed or have been healed. For example, if you are stressed out, and you masturbate, and relieve some stress, then you have sexually healed yourself. Or if your lover has a headache, feels sad, or wants to feel better in their body, and you have sex with your lover, then you have sexually healed them. There are professional sexual healers. The best are just born to do it in their lives. (Like any kind of healer, there are those that are just exceptionally good at healing.) They are exceptionally good at sex, erotically gifted and have a healing touch and healer sensibility. I have extended my sexual healing practice to sexually healing the Earth, Sky, Sea. I'm an ecosexual, and a sexecologist. I make love on a Universal scale these days. Its very satisfying.


Prostitute/Porn Star turned Artist/Sexecologist.

Joseph Kramer's response was:

I don't believe in "sexual healing." I think most of what is called "sexual healing" is really sexual education or loving sex or playful sex or self-healing.


Alex Vartman's response was:

Nice to hear from you...

As for the question re sexual healer, I don't know so much about the qualifications from an intellectual side, but i do think there are certain pre-requisites from a male practice perspective.

1) Has transcended the orgasmic reflex... and therefore can engage in full pleasure sexuality... that includes any form of dark mutually consenting adult sexuality.

2) Surrender to use their sexuality to give, rather than get. eg... a man that can kiss for hours without needing it to go further.

3) Sustained high levels of pleasure without ejeculation... eg 10 hours at a time and (for several months without ejeculation) seem to transform the penis into a wanting tool to something that reportably feels to the woman something like a highly frequency vibrating loving insert that can remove and de-armor the womb from past trauma of wanting cocks.

4) Is probably knows all areas of their own sexuality.. including shadow side.. and is incredibly un-judgmental and relaxed on the whole sex story.

5) It seems to help a great deal if the man also is really intimate and can also be in his feminine sexually. It is probably the only way to really be with the woman as she opens and know what her deepest longings are.

6) Understands different and alternative relationship constellations... eg Love based monogamy Vs fear based monogamy and polyamory without sloppiness.

As for woman healers... i don't have experience of this.


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