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Liana Gailand is passionate about creating juicy alive intimate relationships and working with women and men all over the world. Having apprenticed with some of the best teachers in the field and dedicating herself to the liberation of her own love, she is a continual student of life and love and surrenders herself in the process of ‘not waiting to love’.

Liana has developed her own unique style, through a culmination of her own life experience and intense spiritual sexual relationship practice. Liana works with clients one to one and also with couples enabling them to dive into the deepening of their intimacy. Liana brings a fresh approach to nurturing sexual intimacy between individuals, which brings about a tender opening of one’s heart and soul.

What others say about Liana:

Liana brought such skill, depth, and integrity to the times together.

She is gifted with sight, with vision, seeing deeply into the heart of people and matter. And she speaks this with clarity and compassion and love. In her presence, I felt all parts of me welcomed, invited to come to the table and feast on life. I will always be grateful for her, for the way she has chosen to offer her gifts, allowing me to come and learn from her. Bella – Chicago.

Liana offers a unique understanding of ‘what is really going on’ under the facades of unconscious behaviour. She is not one for mucking around…she doesn’t adhere to any set formulas and this has become more apparent in our individual work with her, in which she has gotten to know us intimately and taken us where we wanted to go…. Lynne Udell – New Zealand

Liana is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to understanding women and the feminine and masculine play. I highly recommend her to help women get in touch with their deepest hearts’ yearning. She will guide you to a full blooming in your feminine and in your relationships. She has a degree of awareness of sexuality and relationships that I’ve found in very few and rare people. A great coach, with invaluable insight. It’s been a true gift and incredible experience to have worked with Liana. Thank you for everything Liana. Blaise Ryan - Ottawa, Canada

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