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The Path of the Sexual Shaman training for practitioners/teachers transforms and enables your “subtle energy” bodies to fully engage another’s luminosity. The Path of the Sexual Shaman is energetic approach can be used in conjunction with the professional methods you are already employing. The Path of the Sexual Shaman is the work of Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

Upcoming path of the Sexual Shaman Australian Training - March 2010

If we wish to understand tantra, we must know energy.

If we wish to understand shamanism, we must know energy.

If we wish to understand orgasm, we must know energy.

If we wish to understand God/Source/Goddess, we must know energy.

With energy comes wisdom.

Without these, there is no transformation.

Part I: The Shaman's Intent

A Training in Shamanic Transformation for Somatic, Psychological, and Energetic Practitioners,plus Spiritual Seekers

We all are very familiar with the sexual expressions of procreation, romantic love, and sexual pleasure. We must, however, step outside of our cultural paradigm to understand a fourth realm: energy-merging sex.

In Path of the Sexual Shaman, orgasm—in all of its energetic forms—is the catalyst.

“Energetic orgasms” manifest a primordial, earth-wind-water-fire energy. This is the type of energy that builds our “shamanic infrastructure” and enables us to function through our intent in all dimensions.

The Path of Sexual Shaman emphasizes the shamanic transformational aspect of our sexual nature with energy merging and energetic orgasms, this training presents a ceremonial approach to energy, wisdom, and intent.

The shamanic transformation process consists of merging our energies with another’s and coordinating-directing-intensifying these energies. In the Path of the Sexual Shaman training, we focus on developing our energetic structures that enable us to do this process and thus transform ourselves and others.

Upcoming path of the Sexual Shaman Australian Training - March 2010

INSTRUCTOR: Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

Ray has been on a shamanic path for almost two decades and is a 13-year SunDancer. Tibetan Buddhism has been a major influence in his life. He has studied and taught many somatic modalities and has written/created over a dozen books and DVDs on sacred sexuality, including Sacred Orgasms, The Essential Tantra, and Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute. He also co-created the 90-minute documentary The Sacred Prostitute. His forthcoming book is The Sexual Shaman: Dancing with Earth-Wind-Water-Fire and is currently producing another documentary, Path of the Sexual Shaman: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom. Ray is the vice-president of The Association of Sexual Energy Professionals.


Upcoming path of the Sexual Shaman Australian Training - March 2010

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