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Sexual Desire is just the porch of love: one has to move on from there, one is not to live there.

There is nothing wrong with passing through the porch, remember. I am not condemning the porch. You will have to pass through the porch if you want to enter the palace, but don’t stop there, don’t make a home there, don’t get stuck there, don’t think that this is all that life is. Certainly, pass through sex — you will have to, it is an unavoidable part of life — but pass through it to go beyond it in the same way that you use stairs or pass over a bridge to go somewhere beyond it.

Wondrous possibilities are hidden inside you. You have known love as sex, as passion, as attachment. You are only acquainted with the hell of life. And think a little, sometimes even in this hell you are getting some glimpses of bliss. Then what to say about heaven? Even in sex you get a little glimpse of bliss, even while on the porch something about the palace is revealed. If there is incense burning inside the palace then some fragrance will be carried outside even on the porch. If peace prevails inside the palace then some coolness will descend even on the porch. If there is music inside the palace then some melody can certainly be heard even on the porch.

Even in sex there is some echo of enlightenment. Even in sex there is some reflection of the Divine, but this reflection is nothing more than the reflection of the moon on a lake. It is just a reflection: a little disturbance in the lake and the reflection is destroyed. It is nothing real, but still it is the reflection. In sex is the reflection of love itself that is formed on a lake. It is a reflection formed on the lake of the body and mind. Look upwards…if you have found that the reflection in the lake is so beautiful, then look up at the moon whose reflection it is.

— Osho

Excerpted from: Showering Without Clouds: Reflections on the Poetry of an Enlightened Woman, Sahajo

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