Human Sexuality Is A Great Mystery

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It is capable of bringing us to the highest feelings of pleasure and openness as well as to great grief, suffering and misery.

Human sexuality is a great mystery, but it is only a part of the even greater mystery of Nature, of the wholeness of reality, of the secrets of Life – that is born out of the union of mail and female – and Death, in which the elements re-separate, the body is being recycled in the womb of mother Earth and “the spirit will return to the Divine, who had granted it” (Ecclesiastes).

In my eyes these are really the two major issues we came here to learn: the secret of Love and the secret of Death. Or in other words: how to unite and how to separate; how to bring true intimacy to each moment – intimacy that adds love to the world – and how to let go of things that we were connected to – places, objects and beloved beings, as the river of existence never ceases to flow.

The secret of Death does not contradict the secret of love. To the contrary – the one who knows the secret of death knows how to love even deeper. This person knows how to unite in love and how to separate in love. This person will know for instance how to divorce in love, if this is what love demands, as they knew how to marry in love before.

The one who knows the secret of Death knows the secret of Freedom, and does not escape from committing to life. He can be freedom. He knows in his bones how everything and everybody is being consumed and eventually returns to nothingness. All physical, emotional, mental and social structures – all are slowly being decomposed in every moment, even right now. He, or she, knows it very well until they do not get scared of it so they are able to enter life with full power and add love into it, love that comes from a place of non-illusionary freedom, and therefore increases freedom.

The one who is scared of death is scared of life and thus will repress sex – the life creating power – and death – the life ending power – as a result. There are many families in which sex and death are topics that are unspoken, because they both carry a threatening message and therefore are considered to be a non decent issue of family discourse. Especially they are not being discussed “in front of the kids”…

This is the face of our culture, the consumer of meat and sex. The meat that is being brought frozen and clean in cellophane to the supermarkets, without making us face the unpleasant circumstances that are involved in the process of bringing the meat to our table, and the censored, repressed sex, that can be present only in secrecy, in shame, in the dark or in dirty jokes or bold pornography.

It was said in the Chapters of the Forefathers in the Jewish Mishnah (2nd century): “Know where you came from and where you are heading to… you came from a dangling drop, you are headed to the place of dirt, maggots and worms…”. The forefathers demand is to deeply know the two ends of life – its beginning and its ending – so one will be able to fulfill the rest of the sentence: “and (know) who are you going to report to – to the king of kings the holy blessed One“.

In order to live fully with God one should Know, know deeply – sex and death, the woman’s womb and the womb of Earth.

There are many who try to live a more “decent and modest” spiritual life, spiritual life that does not deal with those things so much, as if they are not an essential part of life. But to our understanding we should give a full report about our loves, sexuality and separations in front of God. To give a full report in front of God means to be examined in front of our innermost point of absolute truth – how much love and how much freedom were present in any of our deeds. Did we add love and freedom to the world or was it just an addition of more fear and more clinging?

To do so we should open and develop the Torah of Love, the one that brings down the inspiration of the Shchina. There fore we should learn the secrets of the Sacred unification – the Herus Gamus – the Zivug HaKadosh – but to learn it not out of life, as if it takes place in the supreme worlds only, but in real life, so we will feel the presence of divine lovemaking in flesh and spirit.

For that loving couples should know, experience and realize the sacred unification of the penetrating element with the surrendering element, the one who penetrates with powerful love and the one who surrenders out of complete freedom.

This is the Secret of the Kroovim.

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